Myth, part 1

Iris germanica, "Batik"

A couple of the books I have been reading suggest as an exercise that the readers create their own creation myth. This gave me a pretty severe block for a while, as I’ve always been sort of from the school of thought that all of this just sort of… happened unofficially …is maybe the best way to put it.

But when I did my last book buy, I finally decided to buy one that had been lurking on my wishlist for a while: Feynman’s Rainbow by Leonard Mlodinow. That book said something that finally allowed me to 1) decide what it is I usually don’t like about creation myths, and having figured that out, I could 2) write my own.

It’s short, and an easy read. Here goes:

Once upon a time called Right Now, a human sat reading a book. The book was written by a man who is still alive and contains the words of a man who is no longer here, in the usual way, except that his words remain, and will remain, for many nows to come.

Near the end of the book, the question comes, “what is important to you?”

In that moment, a story begins to unfold.

The story is as old as forever, and has just been born. It is made of rainbows and starlight, which are mostly the same thing.

The vast panorama of all life, all matter, all energy, unfolds in an instant, from the atom to the elephant to the atmosphere to the cosmos. It dies then, and is reborn in the next moment. When did the last moment end?

It didn’t.

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