Turning of the Year

frosted chard

Seems like every year at about this time I go out in my garden to take pictures, full of wonder at the bright sparkling frost crystals, and the persistence of the plants thriving despite the chilly temperatures. The frost sweetens the green vegetables that survive it, and readies the root vegetables (sunchokes and yacon) for harvest.

frosted brussels sprouts

This is a time of year for turning in, for tuning in.  For taking stock of where we’ve been and where we’re going. For finding the ways to live authentically to ourselves and setting our intention to catch ourselves in our old patterns, and gently, without judgement, set ourselves back on the path to our true selves.

Try this: turn within yourself, find what energy you want to give forth to the world – it’s in there along with everything else – and discard the ways that have prevented you from doing that up until now. Wonder: what would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail? And then do it. Know: in your soul, that while there definitely are different outcomes than expected, none are failures so long as we gain knowledge, experience, and wisdom by them.

I have been giving some time, in the past month, to this effort and I’ve found that I am doing what I need to do. This year I am starting to offer ceremony and workshops, to share this way of being with interested folks who are looking for answers they haven’t found before.

And I realize that just as the frost sweetens the greens and readies the harvest, the dark times and the cold times that I’ve passed through – that we’ve all passed through – serve the same for the garden within. This harvest is ready, and the greens are sweet.

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