Peas for All

Peas on Earth

It’s mid-February. The gardening itch is a full-blown, mind-bending obsession right now. I’m in a seed swap that’s just ordered seeds – I’m getting mugwort and sweet-peas, and I don’t know what I’ll get for swaps…so exciting! I went to the hardware store and bought two bare-root raspberry starts, and a second blueberry to plant with the first. And these little beauties are awake and are taking off in the new portion of the garden. They’re sugar-snap peas. I put their fence-trellis up just yesterday.

I did this last year also, overwintered snap peas in the garden for the earliest possible start. I’m not convinced it’s actually better in terms of yield, but it sure does give me an outlet for my hands, and an excuse to get dirt under my fingernails at the earliest possible opportunity. There are already ladybugs waking up out there, so I can also tell myself I’m giving them a place to hang out and get an early start on the aphids I know will be coming soon. Plus, I found a praying mantis egg case (see this post) in an area I was clearing of dead squash vines and I feel just fine about locating it at the base of the pea vines until it hatches in probably late March/early April.

But I am an impatient early spring gardener as well, and as I alluded to earlier, willing to do some experiments. I want to know which will yield better, so I also did this today:

Peas just beginning

Yup, I’m ambitious. I want more peas, please! Last year, I only got about 7 a day during peak production, and I want to improve. So I got a mini-greenhouse-thing, and started more peas, same kind as the others outside (Cascadia Sugar Snap). I also have spinach seeds soaking in water (Bloomsdale) that I’ll start later today. I’m really curious if I’ll be able to notice a difference between the ground-started, frost-tested plants that are 2 months or more older, and these greenhouse-started, same-seed-packet sister plants.

Anyone want to register a prediction??

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