Touching the Heart, Feeding the Soul


rock in fog

I feel fed by many natural settings: the soft-floored cathedral of the coastal redwood forest, the wide open sweet-scented sage east of the Sierra, the golden dry grass sea with its oak tree islands that covers so much of our hills. But there’s something about this ocean that reaches past all those other places and cradles something small in the center of myself.

I’m a California native. I was born up north, and grew up in the Bay Area. Maybe that’s why this landscape feeds me, but maybe not. Perhaps I’m just lucky to have been born where I belong. For me there is an incredible sense of home that I feel when I visit the Pacific Ocean, up here in the northern parts, with the fog, the cold and the rough surf, the tide pools and rocky beaches. I love the sound of it, the smell, and seeing every shade of blue and gray in one place, on one day.

What scenery feeds your heart and soul? Where, of the places you go, do you feel your most authentic? When will you go there next?


Upcoming schedule announcements!

Equinox Despacho:
Saturday September 21 4pm – 9 pm, Ione.
A despacho is an offering we work together to create, and then burn in a fire ceremony. The intent of this despacho is to give thanks for the times of transition – this equinox is the time of harvest, the transition from life to life and summer to autumn – and also to set our intentions for balance in our own lives.

Introduction to Shamanism and the Journey workshop:
Sunday October 13 11am – 4 pm, El Granada, $75-100 sliding scale

Curious about shamanism and want to know more? This workshop is for discovering what shamanism is about, and for learning to journey. Journeying is an altered state, which can be accessed by listening to drumming or other rhythmic percussion. It gives us the ability to receive direct guidance and healing, find answers, and release limiting beliefs. No prior experience is necessary to take this workshop.

During the workshop, we’ll spend some time talking about what shamanism is, and how it fits into today’s world. Then, you’ll dive right in and learn to journey. We could talk for days, but that’s not half as much fun as experiencing it for yourself. You will first journey to meet your Power Animal, and we’ll do a second journey as well, to be determined depending on the group. Some of the questions you have now, you’ll see they answer themselves – you will know you’re not making it up, and you will be able to practice on your own afterwards, should you choose to.

This workshop is co-taught by Moria, a shamanic practitioner and teacher who does healing work on the etheric / spiritual levels, and Claudia, an energy healer / body worker and flower essence practitioner. Their complementary perspectives show two of the many ways shamanic practice can inform and express in a modern world.

Bring a bag lunch, notebook, eye pillow or bandanna and a rattle if you have one. Email compostmentis (at) volcano (dot) net or call Moria at 209-489-3271 to sign up and receive location information.

About Moria: I believe that everything has Spirit, and we are all connected. I love this Earth that we live on, and I am committed to minding and mending the webs – both physical and energetic – that connect and feed us all. I believe it is important for each of us to live our whole, authentic self in balanced relationship with the energies of our worlds. I follow this path with an open heart, and the path follows me as well.

About Claudia: I believe that as we move toward living in reciprocity with the natural world, our channels of awareness start opening. We start to reconnect with inner sight, inner knowing and start to listen with our hearts. We become aware that everything is alive, the trees, the rocks, the wind. When this happens our world expands, we move into responding to life from our Divinity and connection rather than separation. When we practice this way of being, we enter the flow of life and stop swimming against the tide.

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  1. claudia comerci says:

    lovely, on your site…the date still says TBA. we are doing oct. 13 correct?

      Claudia Comerci Bodywork and Flower Essence Therapy 415.710.9914


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