Well: here we are.

That's not cute at all!

About Moria:
I believe that everything has Spirit, and we are all connected. I love this Earth we live on, and I am committed to minding and mending the webs – both physical and energetic – that connect and feed us all. I believe it is important for each of us to live our whole, authentic self in balanced relationship with the energies of our worlds. I follow this path with an open heart, and the path follows me as well.

Compost Mentis offers shamanic teaching and healing. Events, ritual, ceremony, and workshops are periodically available at Compost Mentis in western Amador County and in a variety of other places in Northern California.

Compost Mentis is also a mini-farm and experiment in organic polyculture, sustainable living, and conscious consumption. It’s a bit of a riot, really. There are sunchokes in the strawberry patch, free-range basil, and the hens herd the cats. There’s a toad. There are hummingbirds. And there are flowers for the bees. Organic chard available year-round.

Please visit Compost Mentis’ website at http://www.compostmentis.net for more information and schedule of current events!

1 Response to About

  1. Real_Ale says:

    That’s Rasta. A pretty little red-nose pitty that used to live with us.

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