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A Tale of Three Surgeons, or: The Incredible Power of Staying Positive

I’m backstage in an operating theater, and the full chorus of the everyday and the emergency is swirling around me as teams of nurses and doctors work with a patient wheeled in to recover with beautiful gratitude from a complicated neck surgery or to finish a work-day much differently than it started with a surprise ambulance ride and installation of some hardware to hold together what had been a perfectly good tibia prior to the forklift incident. Continue reading

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New Year Blessing

May this year bring you ever closer to your authentic self. May you receive the blessings of the elements: May Air surround you, and may you find your voice in the winds of change. May Fire warm you, and may … Continue reading

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Sit. Stay. Heal.

A friend posted a story I wrote about one of my heart-dogs, Skip, on her blog, Sit.Stay.Heal. I hope you’ll enjoy it. For Skip.

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Touching the Heart, Feeding the Soul

  I feel fed by many natural settings: the soft-floored cathedral of the coastal redwood forest, the wide open sweet-scented sage east of the Sierra, the golden dry grass sea with its oak tree islands that covers so much of … Continue reading

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Heart and Hands

During a ceremony I participated in with Peruvian curandero de sonido (sound healer) Tito LaRosa, he said to us, “el corazón no es in el pecho, es in las manos.” The heart is not in the chest, it’s in the … Continue reading

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