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The animals that share my world.

Sit. Stay. Heal.

A friend posted a story I wrote about one of my heart-dogs, Skip, on her blog, Sit.Stay.Heal. I hope you’ll enjoy it. For Skip.

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1.5 Mantids

I haven’t really seen that many praying mantids this year as compared to last year, but I was glad to see that these are doing their part to ensure next year will be better. The male definitely paid the price … Continue reading

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The Two Wolves

I’ve recently been reminded of this story, as I’ve seen versions of it in a couple of books I’ve read within the past few months. Last fall, a friend in a forum told me this story right when I needed … Continue reading

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New recruits

I have good news and bad news. The bad news, it was really quite hot here yesterday – like 105+ hot – and two of my four hens died. They had water, they had shade, but this was the hottest … Continue reading

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Bugs, Multiplied.

There you are minding your own business, when all of a sudden you’re minding someone else’s business…! I’m really not a fan of the overabundance of aphids which is encouraging this behavior, but I sure am a fan of ladybugs. … Continue reading

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Toad’s Day

This toad has joined the garden party. It’s nearly as big as my hand! It hangs out in one spot, and doesn’t really seem to have a burrow, although there must be one somewhere. The chickens leave it alone, and … Continue reading

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Fiercer than Advertised!

I have four Barred Rock hens. They have no individual names but I call them, collectively, Bugs! (the exclamation point is mandatory) Before I kept chickens, I had a pretty basic view of what they were about. Scratch and peck, … Continue reading

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