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A Tale of Three Surgeons, or: The Incredible Power of Staying Positive

I’m backstage in an operating theater, and the full chorus of the everyday and the emergency is swirling around me as teams of nurses and doctors work with a patient wheeled in to recover with beautiful gratitude from a complicated neck surgery or to finish a work-day much differently than it started with a surprise ambulance ride and installation of some hardware to hold together what had been a perfectly good tibia prior to the forklift incident. Continue reading

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Sit. Stay. Heal.

A friend posted a story I wrote about one of my heart-dogs, Skip, on her blog, Sit.Stay.Heal. I hope you’ll enjoy it. For Skip.

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The Two Wolves

I’ve recently been reminded of this story, as I’ve seen versions of it in a couple of books I’ve read within the past few months. Last fall, a friend in a forum told me this story right when I needed … Continue reading

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Untie the Not

I wrote this last evening. Untie the Not Turn the key, slip the catch Untie the knot, lift the latch Hold the space Untie the NOT You are that little push, that catalyst that moment of Oh! when you blink … Continue reading

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Myth, part 1

A couple of the books I have been reading suggest as an exercise that the readers create their own creation myth. This gave me a pretty severe block for a while, as I’ve always been sort of from the school … Continue reading

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The Tree that Bears a Star

When I was a kid, I read quite a lot: endless stacks of books from the school library and the city library, books given, books borrowed, books in the bookstore! Many of these stories went in my head and stayed … Continue reading

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An Infinity of Mornings

I wrote this as a part of my application to apprentice with a shaman. Nothing of this sort was requested, but when I sat down to answer the list of questions, this charged into my head and I had to … Continue reading

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